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Google Doom

When is the last time you saw a really interesting new desktop application?

In the Windows application space, things have pretty much settled down to more of the same. Office applications - word processing and spreadsheets - have changed very little in the past decade. General use of email and web browsers were new for a while - rather a while ago. Even games have settled into genres with only incremental improvements in new releases.

Meanwhile Google and others are proving just how much you can do with a web application. The really interesting new applications seem to all be web applications.

The old "office" applications do not have any compelling web equivalents as yet, but on the other hand - why should they? Pretty much everyone already has a "Writer" and "Calc" program already. Why offer what folks already have (or can get free with OpenOffice)?

About the only thing that keeps my kids computers on Windows is games, and outside office applications, games are about the only area that have not seen a full-on web-based application.

The original version of "Doom" came out about twelve years ago, was pretty compelling, and pretty much defined the genre of the first-person shooter. (The original version of Doom was also distributed on floppy disk). With the general availability of high speed Internet connections, I wonder if we are rolling up on the time when full-on games are distributed without ever getting packaged on CD or DVD. Since Google has been rolling out so many interesting web applications - are we due for Google Doom? :)

On somewhat the same note, while I know we are not there yet, for some reason this quote sounded a bit old-fashioned.

Experts: Linux desktop growth steady and unstoppable I hope that some day we'll make it so that you can just drop a Windows CD into a Linux system drive and expect it to just work, but Wine still has a ways to go before that's going to be possible.

Are we rolling up on the time when you can drop a Windows CD into a Linux system - and not find anything you want to run?