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Computer Chaos

What happens when a new flat panel arrives and a (not-so) old computer dies in the middle of a project. Computer Chaos Before this I had two computers on a KVM switch sharing a single monitor and keyboard, with all the wires tucked away, and (relatively) neatly routed. When the nice/new Dell 24" flat panel arrived -- my main Windows 2000 work box died. Not a big surprise, as the box has had occasional problems for months -- so I knew this was coming. So the prior test/Linux box is - at least for the moment - a Windows 2003 Server box, and my old Windows box is about to become spare parts.

Guess this is my excuse for starting to replace existing computers with smaller/quieter models. Ordered a Shuttle XPC box and 3Ghz Sempron. Need to pick out another video card able to drive both 1920x1200 and 1600x1200 screens. The remaining bits can come from the old Windows box.

After all the boxes are setup again, can figure out how to get everything neatly routed -- but at least for now, this is ordered chaos....