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U.S. Guards Threw Mudwrestling Party

Seems the military was having some trouble finding new recruits. More news like this and there should be plenty (of males) signing up...

Female GIs flash breasts, thong in mud-wrestling contests ... female MPs mud-wrestled in October, with a crowd of male soldiers cheering them on. According to snapshots obtained by the News, one young military woman lifted her T-shirt to expose her breasts, while another revealed her thong panties.

Conduct unbecoming ... a prison guard?

BAGHDAD (Reuters) - U.S. military police threw a mudwrestling party at a prison camp in Iraq and a woman who took part has been found guilty of indecent exposure ... At least three female guards stripped to their underwear and wrestled each other in a paddling pool full of mud ...

"Detainees were nowhere in the vicinity and they had no possible way of seeing what occurred."

Darn. Might have missed the chance to convert them to our, er, "Western" point of view - or if innocent, to lighten their ordeal a bit.