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Excluding a robot

Today I found a new set of entries in the "recent visitors" log for my site from the turnitin.com crawler.

Today I added the first entry to the robots.txt file for my site.

The internet is all about sharing. I am happy to pay for the for bandwidth used by this site. My expectation is that I will get something back in return from other folks who share, and so I will gladly contribute to the common pool of shared material.

The folks at Turnitin are offering a for-pay service. The Turnitin folks are not sharing. They want to profit from folks that share, but offer nothing in return. Simply put, I do not feel like supporting a for-profit service when their business model is based on leaching off my bandwidth.

This choice is entirely up to your individual sense of ethics. I have made my choice, and from now on I will be checking the nature of the organization that crawl my site.