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Guess it must be spring...

Went to the ACP Swap Meet this morning for no obvious reason. Looks like this institution is pretty much on it's last legs. The number of vendors is perhaps a third or less from the peak, and the number of customers probably even less. No real surprise, as the prices at the swap are no longer dramatically better than elsewhere. Shopping over the Internet has much to do with this. Bought a SD Memory card (512MB for $40) to replace the lost card for my son's digital camera.

Went north to bother my dad, and check out the changes to his house. He is preparing - in increments - to sell. The back patio cover and shed are gone - both of which I helped my dad build when I was a teenager in high school, and were rather deteriorated. Oddly enough without the two structures, somehow the backyard appears smaller. My parents bought this house when I was 5 years old.

Took the long way home - east through Santa Ana Canyon, south on the 15 to Temecula. Ate lunch at "Farmer Boy's" (a decent hamburger joint), then wound west on Ortega Highway (#74).

Somewhere in there we started to see increasing numbers of butterflies - after some had unfortunate encounters with the windshield. By the time we reached RSM (Rancho Santa Margarita) the numbers were remarkable - not so dense to appear as a swarm, but when driving I would say we passed close to one or more butterflies every 10 yards, for perhaps the last 10-15 miles home. Looking out the window at home I see one to several fly by every few seconds - with all heading generally northwest. I am sure this indicates something :).