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A four-star scapegoat?

We have the lingering unresolved problem of some truly evil acts by a small number of folks in the military. The low-level folks are getting punished, but there is a curious lack of official interest in chasing the chain of responsibility up the chain of command.

So what do we get instead?

4-Star General Relieved Of Duty

"In a rare move, the Army relieved a four-star general of his command amid allegations that he had an extramarital affair with a civilian, Army officials said yesterday."

"A spokesman said Army officials could find no case of another four-star general being relieved of duty in modern times."

"Having an extramarital affair can be deemed adultery and a violation of the Uniform Code of Military Justice. But such cases rarely go to court-martial and usually end in administrative punishment such as a letter of reprimand, according to military lawyers. Relieving a general of his command amid such allegations is extremely unusual, especially given that he was about to retire."

The Wrong General Sexual Politics and the General Something is Amiss

Sounds like a good definition of a scapegoat.