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An interesting twist - Real Estate Auctions

Near the end of today's election my neighbor from down the street - Tony - stopped by to vote. Turns out he has found a new line of business. Real Estate Auctions by Goodlife Financial Management

To put this into context, realtors in the area want something like a 4-6% commission for selling your house. At $800K to $1.2M (prices I have seen recently for local homes) - that is a lot of money. There is some indication the local realtors are becoming more flexible on their pricing (no surprise), but nothing concrete.

Apparently one of Tony's friends took a trip to New Zealand and saw that homes there are typically sold at a sort of auction - different than what is usually done here. Tony took the idea and reports that he is getting more business than he can handle (though factor in the fact that salesmen-types tend to exaggerate). In fact this sounds like a terrific idea - at least for the local market.