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A good use for the <blink> tag

Was looking at another one of the overdone/cool (or is that "kewl"?) sites based on Flash. The visuals are pretty neat. The fonts are too small (and fixed in size). For all the special effects, I am not sure what exactly they are trying to communicate (aside from generally: "We're cool - send us money"). Or to quote my dad - who was once a teenager in the midwest with an interest in cars:

If it doesn't go, chrome it!

Lots of chrome - not sure if it goes...

Out of the entire site, there is one aspect that illustrates a good use for the <blink> tag. When loading a new visual element, a placeholder was shown for the duration of the load.

Loading >

Surely we could accomplish the same effect using Javascript and a timeout, an animated GIF, or a Java applet(!). In this one case, the <blink> tag is an elegant solution :).

Perhaps we might find a similar legitimate use for the <marquee> tag? Had some entertaining examples that worked in Internet Explorer. Apparently Firefox ignores(??) the display: inline and width: 2em styles with the <marquee> tag, so the examples did not work as well.

Update: Noticed that at least in the current version of Firefox, blinking elements (ALL blinking elements) eventually stop working. Is this a bug or a feature?? :)