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Just me and the kids this Thanksgiving.

We decided on yams (with butter, cream, cinnamon, nutmeg, and topped with melted marshmellows), corn bread (using the excellent sweet canned corn from Trader Joe's), and a roast turkey. Got a 20lb turkey (why not?) and marinated overnight. Made the marinade out of equal parts lemon juice, olive oil, light soy sauce, and packet of dried oregano. The marinade tasted really good - might use this for other things, in fact this might even make a good salad dressing. Rubbed the turkey with olive oil, and popped into a 450 degree oven until browned (about 25 minutes). Dropped the temperature to 350 degrees, stuck in the temperature probe, poured some water into the bottom of the roasting pan (to raise the humidity), and covered with aluminum foil.

The yams and corn bread are done. Hopefully in about 3 to 5 hours we will have turkey...