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Did a bit of vacating Friday. Was on vacation all last week, but somehow work kept interfering...

Drove down to Julian to do a bit of walking around, and pick up a couple apple pies. To be perfectly honest, the apple pies were pretty good, but not fantastic. What makes the trip worthwhile was the drive itself.

Took Ortega Highway east, drove along the west edge of Lake Elsinore (never been entirely through this area), hopped on the I-15 south to the 76 and wandered south-east toward Julian. This time of year when preceeded by a good dose of rain, rural southern California really does look rather nice. Lots of green. Forgot to bring the camera though.

Oddities along the way - driving through farms, pastures, and orange groves - drop into the next valley and up pops a tall Las Vegas style casino out pretty much in the middle of nowhere. Surreal - as I drove past there was not a single other soul in sight.

Saw a small sign advertising persimmons for sale along the road. Been a while since I'd tried persimmons, and the ones from the local market are usually disappointing, so stopped (had to backtrack after missing the entrance first time past). They had a small grove loaded with ripe persimmons, and you could go and pick your own. Since I had no idea how to tell if a persimmon was over- or under- ripe, I just loaded up on already-picked fruit. Brought seven pounds at 40 cents per pound.


Turns out the fruit I brought home is pretty good. Now as to what to do with all this fruit ... :).