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NPR - National Jewish Public Radio?

First, let me be very clear that NPR has since the 1980's been and remains one of my favorite sources of news (at least when driving). One of the first things I do after buying a new car is preset the radio for KCRW (the local radio station that carries NPR). At the same time I have no illusions - NPR is bound to have a bias of one sort or another, just like every other form of mass media.

Guess I'm a little slow, as only after years of listening did I notice the coverage of the Middle East was way out of proportion.

In listening to NPR I have become very tired of hearing about Israel. Based on their coverage you might think that somehow Israel was the most important place on the planet. For example: search NPR for mention of Israel.

The results show an item almost every single day! Folks, there is just not that much of significance happening there - it is pretty much the same old tired dance for the last twenty years (or more). Once a week coverage would be more than adequate.

Far too often they have coverage of nothing of importance. I heard a classic example a few months back. They had a report where two voices speculated about what might happen at a meeting that was going to occur the next day between to minor figures - where nothing of importance was expected to happen.

Um - hello - so just why did this merit national attention in the United States?!?

Perhaps out of sheer listener fatigue, I have a hard time caring above the future of Israel...

Searching on NPR jewish bias turns up quite a sideshow.