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Started buying music again.

I had pretty much stopped buying music at one point. All the old groups I was familiar with were gone, KROQ was stuck in an 80’s flashback, and I wasn’t hearing anything interesting.

When MP3s started floating around the Internet I heard some interesting new music, and went out and bought the CDs (I own all the music I keep). Added quite a lot to my collection for a while.

Now the RIAA is … well, a pain in the ass. Have not bought any music in a while, as I’d stopped downloading MP3s and was not hearing any interesting new music. Moreover at this point I’m so annoyed with the RIAA and their tactics, I don’t want to buy anything from an RIAA member.

Magnatune works for me. I usually end up listening to the entire set of music, sometimes more than once, before deciding if I actually like an artist’s work. The choices at Magnatune are a bit limited, but have found some bits I like.