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Memorial Day ... and beer?

Kids went back to their mother's yesterday, so the house is quiet if something of a disaster.

Today started warm and sunny. Thought about heading down to Laguna Beach for a walk in the morning, but good weather and a holiday weekend means too many people. Spent the morning and most of the afternoon making the clean spot in the house bigger, and the pile of dirty laundry smaller.

Made and finished a pot to good coffee, read another chapter out of Agile Software Development (good book - but about a chapter a day is the most I can read), and finished off a few bottles of "Coastal Light".

Don't know why, but I really like this "Coastal Light" beer Trader Joe's sells. Before I mostly drank German dark beers (served cool not cold). Sometimes the beer tasted good, and other times it didn't. Probably averaged at most a dozen bottles a month (often much less). But this "Coastal Light" hits my palate just right - a hint of yeast, a bit of a bite, a hint of roasted grain, and a mild after-taste. I can drink this stuff all day (is this a good thing?).

Their brewery is in Paseo Robles. Maybe an excuse for a drive up the coast.

Drove down to Laguna late in the afternoon. Traffic was only a bit thick, and found a spot a half-block from the beach on Forrest (a nice street to wander down with all the shops). Spent a couple hours wandering around Laguna Beach. Lots families winding down their picnic-outing. Lots of folks not speaking English (asian, middle-eastern, hispanic in order of apparent numbers). Headed back just before sundown.

The pile of laundry is now clean. The kitchen is spotless. The bemused dog with muddy feet is in the backyard - and wants in.