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IBM and Linux

Interesting take on IBM and Linux in IBM is in a Pickle (Again). Given this is a significant Sun guy talking, this might even be mistaken as Sun's point of view (don't take that last literally).

I do think Jonathon has a point - but I suspect he is a little off target.

On a semi-related subject, I have been playing with different Linux distributions again. Had to - the Redhat 7.3 box died I was using for the SMB domain controlller (with roaming profiles) and file server.

How does this relate to IBM, Sun, and Linux? Simple - there are too many Linux distributions, and it is easy to create a new Linux distribution. IBM can use the Suse distribution, or they can create their own. IBM could produce their own distribution, or could adopt a family of distributions. Do you need a near-stock installation for a small number of machines? If so IBM could put in and maintain Redhat, Fedora, Suse, or Debian. Do you want to squeeze every once of performance out of a large homogeneous collection of servers? If so IBM could use Gentoo to build a customized distribution exactly for your hardware and needs.

What is the point of all this? Redhat is not Microsoft. Linux cannot be made into a proprietary product. IBM has choices with Linux that were not possible with Microsoft. Customers don't generally care which exact Linux distribution is installed on their machines. They do care about service. They do care if their applications run and run well. Otherwise if IBM promises support at a reasonable price, they should be perfectly happy with whatever IBM chooses to install.

Jonathon has a point - but it may not be the one he intended.