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Saddleback (again)

Hiked up Saddleback mountain today. Waited until 9:27am for two maybes to show and then headed up. Got to the top, collected the two SCARABs flags from their last hike, and placed a cell phone call at 12:37. I drank a liter before leaving home, a liter at the trail head, and took two liters on the hike. It wasn't enough. The day was clear, warm and sunny with almost no wind. Ran out of water on the way down, and after the hike drank about four liters before I felt normal. Made it down to the trail head about 3:50pm (I forgot to check the exact time). Took a wide-brimmed hat, used Deet liberally, and the bugs mostly left me alone. Forgot to bring sunblock, but with the sun near straight overhead and the hat, got only slightly burned.