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Category Archives: html@w3c

Giving up HTML@W3C


Got the “status as Invited Expert in HTML Working Group” email. This I will let expire. Spent my time tilting at windmills, and do not see any point in continuing. The HTML Working Group at W3C is … far too much noise. The HTML5 “standard” is going to be a bloated monster, and there is […]

… status as Invited Expert in HTML Working Group


At one time I had hoped there was a small chance I might be able to nudge the HTML working group in a constructive direction. Over time, what I found is that there are a small number of individuals that are able to invest an inordinate amount of time to this same working group, and […]

Sanity check – too much talk over too little – in html@w3c


Asked GMail to search my email for: w3c “summary attribute” I count 534 messages. Asked GMail to search my email for: w3c “alt attribute” I count 1769 messages. If the result was brilliant, the counts would be worthwhile. I do not think brilliant results can come out of those discussions.

Sam Ruby: Contributions Welcome


Sam Ruby: Contributions Welcome. Yep. I think Sam in the HTML5 working group is a very good thing.

Malfunctioning mindset – the HTML5 working group


For the record, I think that making Sam Ruby a chair of the HTML5 working group is a good sign, in a dismal process. Credit Sam with pointing out bits that are just wrong. The DOCTYPE section is a good/bad example. A DOCTYPE is a mostly useless, but required, header. DOCTYPEs are required for legacy […]

Accessibility and HTML


Sometimes the best thing to do when presented with an unsatisfactory solution, is to walk away from the problem for a while. The continuing arguments in the HTML@W3C arena of accessibility proved an example. After reading through many of the arguments, I was left distinctly unsatisfied with the solutions offered. I had questions and arguments, […]



Tuned out from HTML@W3C working group for a few months. (I was very busy at work, and participation in the working group is entirely a free time activity.) Ran across this long and apparently continuing argument that seems to boil down to whether <img> tags should be required to have an alt attribute to be […]



There is once again talk about versioned web pages. Unfortunately there is also the same continuing confusion between theory and reality. A List Apart: Articles: Beyond DOCTYPE: Web Standards, Forward Compatibility, and IE8 The DOCTYPE switch is broken Back in 1998, Todd Fahrner came up with a toggle that would allow a browser to offer […]