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Category Archives: Security

WordPress hacked (again)


On around May 13 someone subverted my weblog to serve pharmacy ads. Annoying, but not otherwise a big deal, given regular backups. This hack was more clever than prior incidents Took me longer to find and remove the problem. I expect WordPress to be insecure. Looked at the source code early on. Like most PHP […]

Just enough “Security”


This is brilliant. Munich’s Metro Stressful, But It Goes Everywhere | Autopia from Riders purchase tickets at self-service kiosk priced by zone — a ticket covering most of the inner city costs €2.30 ($2.95) — and before boarding, stamp them with an old-school time clock. It's possible to score a free ride by “forgetting” […]

Is IIS still (as) relevant?


My preference for the server-side of web applications is Java (or Javascript in the JVM). In the past that meant I needed to allow for running a Java web server (like Tomcat or Jetty) behind IIS. For many applications it made sense for IIS to be the front-end web server. Most desktops were (and are) […]

Caught in the DreamHost(?) security breach


Seems my account is caught in the DreamHost security breach. Checked my pages (via “View Source” in the browser) after the first announcement from DreamHost, did not see any junk, and let things alone. Since DreamHost claimed to be notifying customers whose accounts were compromised, and I had seen nothing from DreamHost (and still have […]

Code Talkers


Not the most effective approach.

More reliable voting


Text about Rush Holt’s Voter Confidence and Increased Accessibility Act via CATO, which serves as a reminder that lawyers and politicians should not be allowed to design algorithms (or do math). How to Reform E-Voting It bans the use of computerized voting machines that lack a voter-verified paper trail. It mandates that the paper records […]

Bitfrost for OLPC – The revenge of Microsoft Bob


Reading through the Bitfrost security specification for the OLPC project – very sensible stuff. I am impressed. Years ago Microsoft had a project to come up with a more usable version of Windows. The result – Microsoft “Bob” – was a disaster. The OLPC project is after something similar in intent, and looks as though […]

Prelude to internal passports?


There are folk who seem to be trying to turn this country into a police state. In the past several years our country has acquired more of the unpleasant features – more like the old USSR rather than the old USA. Travel by airline is now heavily monitored. Travel by car is still free. Fans […]