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Category Archives: Javascript

Strict mode for Javascript – continued


Seems the prior post gathered some response. To set expectations – this is my personal weblog. What I put here is the bits that (to my mind) might be otherwise missing. I am not interested in repeating material covered elsewhere. If you are already well-read, then I hope these bits will nudge your thinking forward […]

Strict mode for Javascript


A small item… Javascript is a hash (pun not entirely intended). There are good parts to Javascript, and bad parts. For folk attempting to learn Javascript for the first time, they could use some help avoiding the icky bits. My first cut at rules for a “strict” mode for Javascript: No use of “function name(){}” […]

Almost but not quite … server-side JavaScript


Bit over three years back I looked at server-side Javascript, and was not enthused with the available choices. Three distinct usages I’d like to cover: optimal performance,Windows web server (IIS) interoperable, and webhosting. In addition, there are three interesting aspects of optimal performance: throughput, scalability, and stability. For serving static content, I really like the […]

Elegant distributed applications


“Elegance is the attribute of being unusually effective and simple” Heard this first applied to theories in Physics. Any not-over-complicated theory that effectively explained the facts was – as I understood – considered an “elegant” theory. (My original interest – and college degree – was in Physics. I wanted to build starships.) Came up, long […]

Google’s Chrome: Bet your enterprise on it


Have to credit an article for a bit of insight – though at all not what the author intended. There is an aspect I had previously missed. The Google Chrome web browser is an excellent platform for company intranet applications. Lots of companies have internally-used applications. Lots of developer-hours went into those applications, and some […]

property.import task for Ant


I have Ant build scripts that can be run on either Windows or Linux. There are a few properties that need to be set differently, depending on the platform is use. Been using this little snippet for a while now. import.js = function(f) { var a = []; for (var i=0; i<this.length; ++i) { […]

Mapping components – Javascript


Accessing components in the DOM from Javascript using getElementById() is tedious, somewhat verbose, and does nothing to enhance the readability of the code. Generally there are two cases: finding global elements within the page, and finding members within (possibly repeated) components. There are (of course) many ways to do this, but what I have settled […]

Auto-adjusting sizer – Javascript


Took a couple years to get reasonably fluent at HTML/CSS/Javascript, and pick out what seems a decent programming model. Reached the point where most of the public examples of Javascript usage (in particular) look to me as very poorly written. Still it seems like every time I turn out another example, I find another useful […]