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Category Archives: Politics

Help the Libyans


For once, I wish my government would do the right thing, rather than what is easy or expedient. The Libyans are standing up, and pushing back, against their old corrupt government. This is an amazing thing. But the corrupt old man has had decades, and the wealth of his nation, to buy weapons and followers. […]

Change in North Africa


Simple statement – the “Arab” world I do not really understand. Past friends from that world gave some insight, but I could not measure the endurance of oppressive regimes. The present changes in the Arab world are amazing and inspiring. I know good people there are dying. I know the outcome is in doubt (there […]

Scalable democracy


How can a representative democracy work, without the risk of corruption, subversion, and tedious partisan behavior we see at present? A couple of observations take us part of the way to a solution, and a final clue takes us the rest of the way. Clues First impressions – at least in my experience, turned out […]

Corporate rights


Back in the late 1970′s or early 1980′s I saw an advertisement from an oil company (I think it was Mobile) asking the question – if individuals have rights, should not corporations also have rights? The question stuck with me, as then I had no idea what answer made sense. Many years later the answer […]

Shallow or deep?


The current trade dispute between China and the US – on the surface – really makes no sense. China to investigate U.S. car subsidies China is preparing to launch a trade investigation into whether US carmakers are being unfairly subsidised by the US government, according to people familiar with the matter. The move comes at […]

BusinessWeek Online


Left the videos from the BusinessWeek Online site running in background. In contrast to the MSNBC and WSJ sites, the videos came across as politically neutral, and not so much into the financial orthodoxy. Seemed aimed roughly at the interests of middle management. Not getting a lot of insight, but also not as much propaganda.

Wall Street Journal Online


After a news item took me to the Wall Street Journal site, I left the site up as it cycled through recent videos (while I was working on something else). I have not spent a lot of time listening to videos from Wall Street Journal, so had no overall opinion of the site. In comparison […]



Went looking for video of the latest Apple product announcements, and ended up on the MSNBC site. After the Apple-related video played, I left the site up as it cycled through recent videos (I was working on some code while it ran). I quit watching TV news many years ago, never had much interest in […]