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Mystery houses decrypted!


About a year ago work started on a new housing tract in a once-empty field across the road from my father’s house in Colorado. Walking around the newly built houses, I could not figure out the placement of rooms and entrances. There seemed to be pattern, but I could not figure what the pattern meant. […]

Reality check




Been tempted to do something similar, at times.

Point of view



From my daughter’s last soccer game


My daughter was goalie for the first half of the game. This shot was coming in high, fast and centered on the goal – too high catch or block, but low enough to go in. Looked like a certain goal. Last season the grandfather of one of the girls on the team was a professional(?) […]



The Santa Ana winds are blowing again. Strong winds – gusting here between roughly 20 to 40 miles per hour – carrying warm, dry air. In addition this is a dry part of a fairly dry year. Most of the undeveloped hills in coastal southern California are covered by Chaparral – and highly combustible this […]

Where The Wild Things Are


AVP dancers in the sand on Flickr – Photo Sharing!

Bad date


Sash Suicide, originally uploaded by Liquid Science.