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David Keirsey died


This is about missed connections, absurdly close. Seems that David Keirsey died, about a year ago. He wrote a book on personality types Please Understand Me that might well have changed the course of my life. Of my own interest, I read rather a lot of books on Psychology, in high school and for a […]

Observation, delayed


A regular exercise. Sit in an outdoor patio at a restaurant, for lunch, and watch. There are patterns. Most for which I do not have names. There is something about big purses, and small women, not interesting. High heels worn wobbly, or slow, or fluid. (Reading a book about the Red Queen, which seems applicible […]

Great Love Debate, Long Beach


Another random excursion… Saw an event offered on a MeetUp group: “THE GREAT LOVE DEBATE comes to LONG BEACH!” Title sounds a bit whack. Never been to that venue, so … bought a ticket. No particular qualification needed. There is a Facebook page … completely disused, aside from the promoters. Also, turns out, there is […]

Social mapping/accidents


Early evening, sitting alone on a restaurant patio at an outdoor mall, watching girls, looking for patterns. Pretty girl from inside parks in front of me, holds an entire phone conversation. Waitress comes out, asks if we(?) are ready to order. Group of four girls, one very nice, and smiling slightly, walk past in the […]



Last Saturday hiked up to the cloud base. Always wanted to do that. You know when the hilltops are covered in cloud, and you want to hike up into the cloud base? Except … to be exact … that was not quite what happened. The hike in question. Planned on a three-hour hike. Had a […]

The tree died.


The dwarf apple tree over the backyard patio died. Not sure when, exactly. Some time in the past year. The tree grew like crazy every year. Required careful pruning for balance, and to provide a good space for the patio beneath. Very nice space. Very healthy tree. Spent many working hours on the patio, beneath […]

No Nostalgia


Motivated by some random post on Facebook. the state of being homesick : homesickness a wistful or excessively sentimental yearning for return to or of some past period or irrecoverable condition; also : something that evokes nostalgia Noise on the web-stream about “nostalgia” – made me realize I have none. The common theme is a […]

House Concert


From the start, I assumed that the advent of the web would allow change the structure of how music was performed and distributed. The web allows more direct connection of all sorts, and in this case between musicians and their audience. Exactly what form that would take, I had no idea. Let me set the […]