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House Concert


From the start, I assumed that the advent of the web would allow change the structure of how music was performed and distributed. The web allows more direct connection of all sorts, and in this case between musicians and their audience. Exactly what form that would take, I had no idea. Let me set the […]

Swing, Java, and old notions not yet met


Of late I find myself in rather a strange place. What I work on pretty much follows whatever my present employer currently needs. I’ve done pretty much everything – from device drivers to fancy web applications – and by this time have touched pretty much every major genre in programming. My starting interest in software […]

On Selling Music


ongoing · On Selling Music Finally, I remain astonished that the subscription model hasn’t caught on; it seems like awfully low-hanging fruit. There are any number of artists I’d subscribe to for ten or twenty bucks a year in exchange for an irregular flow of new material; live cuts, studio work, collaborations, whatsoever, along with […]

Devo 2.0 … from Disney


Q: DEVO + Disney = ? – – – – A: DEV2.0 In retrospect, I guess Devo’s lyrics were squeaky-clean compared to … almost everything else current. But still … Disney and Devo?? Performed by kids?! The really weird bit is that this actually makes sense.

Brooke Ramel


Walked over the local food court for lunch a bit after noon on one day last week. Weather was hot, humid and oppressive – the quote about “mad dogs and Englishmen” came to mind (not that the dog minded the weather in the least). Entering the outdoor eating area, walked past a singer (between songs). […]

Rent your music?


Somehow I doubt “as little as $10/month” rental music is going to fly. Pay to rent your music? Right. For that price you could buy at least 6 over-priced CDs per year, every year. Frankly I have a hard time finding that much good new music every year. From outfits like Magnatune you could buy […]

The Wretch, Pat Benatar, Iron & Wine


More new music off Magnatune. Cannot explain why I like this, but I do… The Wretch: painful ambient industrial noise. Used the RIAA Radar site to find a new Pat Benatar album from a non-RIAA member (I hope). Bought the Iron & Wine album after seeing the video on iTunes and checking out the label. […]

Mis-labeled by the RIAA?


Heard a bit of music on iTunes that I would to buy – but wanted to check that I would not be buying from an RIAA member. Turns out the not all the labels listed on the RIAA site are members, so how do I know who to avoid?? BTW – the video on iTunes […]