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Category Archives: Humor

User interface fail – in a research building


Went to a seminar at UCI on advanced user interfaces, in a new/fancy building paid for by a local billionaire. This is what i see – in the building used for seminars – when I go to UCI, usually for a talk related the user interface design. This panel to call the elevator is in […]



No joke.

Anachronisms: Icon for “Save…” is a floppy, HDTV sized in inches


Went looking for an icon to represent the “Save…” or “Save As…” operation in an application. The icons I am finding are all images of a floppy disk. For long-time GUI users, this image is familiar and requires no thought. For newer users … they may never have seen a floppy disk. The image has […]

Between Marketing and Engineering


Brought up a command window in Windows 7, and saw: Microsoft Windows [Version 6.1.7600] Copyright (c) 2009 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved. Yep. Windows 7 is in fact Windows version 6. Gotta love those Marketing folk.

BusinessWeek Online


Left the videos from the BusinessWeek Online site running in background. In contrast to the MSNBC and WSJ sites, the videos came across as politically neutral, and not so much into the financial orthodoxy. Seemed aimed roughly at the interests of middle management. Not getting a lot of insight, but also not as much propaganda.

Wall Street Journal Online


After a news item took me to the Wall Street Journal site, I left the site up as it cycled through recent videos (while I was working on something else). I have not spent a lot of time listening to videos from Wall Street Journal, so had no overall opinion of the site. In comparison […]



Went looking for video of the latest Apple product announcements, and ended up on the MSNBC site. After the Apple-related video played, I left the site up as it cycled through recent videos (I was working on some code while it ran). I quit watching TV news many years ago, never had much interest in […]

When hardware guys write about software


My father sent a link to an article in a hardware-oriented magazine – EDN (Electronic Design News) – about the upcoming Power7 CPU from IBM. This is out of our fields, but interesting. I liked the one comment: “the generally horrible code from the Microsoft world”. My characteristically reserved response: Yes, it is usually […]