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David Keirsey died


This is about missed connections, absurdly close. Seems that David Keirsey died, about a year ago. He wrote a book on personality types Please Understand Me that might well have changed the course of my life. Of my own interest, I read rather a lot of books on Psychology, in high school and for a […]

Gender balance


Interpolate… Most recently Tim Bray posted about Moving the Gender Needle relative to the genders in our profession. Weeks before I was called a “sexist” by a group of guys in a Programming thread on Google+. At the same time I was discussing sexual harassment with a well-written, well-expressed girl. I have a very intelligent […]



Last Saturday hiked up to the cloud base. Always wanted to do that. You know when the hilltops are covered in cloud, and you want to hike up into the cloud base? Except … to be exact … that was not quite what happened. The hike in question. Planned on a three-hour hike. Had a […]

The Involved Father


Read this as a start: The way fathers play with their children also has an important impact on a child’s emotional and social development. and the follow on. Earlier, I was mystified how as a shy socially unadept kid, I ended up raising three uber-confident socially adept kids. Made no sense. This single observation fits […]

New Buildings and Old Sidewalks


In line for a performance in Los Angeles. Standing on an old, warped sidewalk. Building across the way getting a new facade. Lame conversation behind with three heads echoing a single thought, before interrupted. Girl posed a question: “What do you want to talk about?” What indeed. Struck by the oddity of new and old […]

Predictable ego – or “Shotwell” is a piece of crap – and priorities.


The prior photo-handler in Ubuntu was implemented in a slightly idiosyncratic language. Could be pragmatic, or could be programmer-ego. Not immediately obvious, which. The current photo-handler in Ubuntu (and OpenSUSE) is Shotwell … implemented in a *completely* idio … idiot … er, “unique” language. And it crashes on uploading photos … for months. (A photo-manager […]

Mind tricks


During the “Art Walk” in Laguna Beach. Walking along a dark, crowded, noisy sidewalk. “Do you have a cigarette?” Heard distinctly from an approaching blonde girl, when still twenty-odd feet away. “No.” I answered, as the couple passed. “What??” She turned after we passed. “What did you say??” She had a very odd expression, as […]

Misplaced Music?


Trying to rebuild a personal social network. Something I neglected over the last decade. Music … local social groups offer “tribute” bands. Not interested. I liked … at the time … a lot of the then-popular bands. The “tribute” groups are bands that cannot produce of value their own music. I did like the ’70′s […]