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Monthly Archives: July 2011

Misplaced Music?


Trying to rebuild a personal social network. Something I neglected over the last decade. Music … local social groups offer “tribute” bands. Not interested. I liked … at the time … a lot of the then-popular bands. The “tribute” groups are bands that cannot produce of value their own music. I did like the ’70′s […]

Active organizing in place of passive participation?


I am trying to tie together a whole lot of threads into a coherent whole. This is going to be rough (very very rough), in the first iterations, under I can better sort things out. Of late, I have been wandering around, trying random things, trying to get socially reconnected. But I am odd. What […]

The Longevity Project


Picked up a pretty good book, on a random browse through the bookstore – which is unusual as most books I end up buying through recommendations and Amazon. The Longevity Project website, Borders (where I bought the book), Amazon, NPR, Atlantic, Stanford, Psychology Today The interesting bit (for me) is that this is a eight […]