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Monthly Archives: April 2011

Segregation – Partition the problem


My question (in 2002) to Steve Theby, who originally told this story: You were part of a project deploying a large database application. Response/processing times were not reliable or predictable until each computer was dedicated to a specific kind of transaction. At least this is my somewhat hazy collection. Steve’s answer: Yes…I did work on […]

Story based reasoning and interviews


Roger Schank (a prominent AI figure) gave a talk at UCI several years back. His notion was the humans do not naturally reason deductively, rather we use something he called “story-based reasoning”. In fact most of human communication is in the form of “mini-stories”. This upset the deductive AI people to no end, but to […]



A list of programming languages is not very informative, so I compiled this list. (Right. Like this page really has a serious purpose.) 1973 – First program in Fortran 1974 – First program in Basic 1978 – First program in Pascal 1979 – First program in Lisp 1983 – First program in Modula-2 1984 – […]

Burning Man isn’t – anymore


First time I heard of the Burning Man event it sounded pretty cool – a scrappy creative exercise outside the usual bounds. At the time I was wrapped up in the tail end of a bad marriage, and had young kids to tend. Attending was just not practical. A few days back, saw an announcement […]