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Help the Libyans

For once, I wish my government would do the right thing, rather than what is easy or expedient.

The Libyans are standing up, and pushing back, against their old corrupt government. This is an amazing thing. But the corrupt old man has had decades, and the wealth of his nation, to buy weapons and followers. The cost in human lives could be high.

We could help. It is very much in the character of the American people to admire such things. But folk in the Middle East are deeply ambivalent about American involvement, with some reason. We need to be careful in what we do. But a substantial gesture of some sort seems in order.

Sending weapons does not seem quite right. There are more than enough weapons sloshing around the world.

Sending money does not seem right. Money tends to carry too many quiet corruptions.

What we could do is remove the old man’s advantage, correct the imbalance. Strike hard, once, where the Libyan rebels want, and then leave. We do not want Americans pointing guns at other folk longer than absolutely necessary. The peace should be won and held by Libyans.

The fully unleashed American military is an awesome thing. The old man may find his supporters suddenly few, just from knowing what is to come. Give them a day’s warning – no more. Could save a lot of Libyan lives.

The gesture is right. We are willing to back in spirit and blood folk who are trying to make their country – and the world – a better place. We would rather win friends than play the old games of corruption.

For once, I wish my government would do the right thing.