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Monthly Archives: March 2011

Found a doctor I like … for the very first time


A remarkable thing, thus the remark. For the very first time, quite by accident, I have found a doctor that I like. Unexpected, that. If you live in south Orange County, California and you need a doctor, I suggest you check out: Michael A. Waldman, M.D., FACP DIPLOMATE AMERICAN BOARD OF INTERNAL MEDICINE #2 Hughes […]

What went wrong with nuclear power


Oddly enough, I found one of my missing pieces yesterday, quite by accident. Reading Freeman Dyson’s book “Disturbing the Universe” (1979). Did not know he had anything to do with nuclear reactors. Turns out he was part of a small very capable group that designed an early “fail-safe” nuclear reactor – one that did not […]

Very pleased


Wanted to capture this picture for years. Green grass, blue skies, an animal in the right place … all are unusual. This last Wednesday, everything lined up.

Help the Libyans


For once, I wish my government would do the right thing, rather than what is easy or expedient. The Libyans are standing up, and pushing back, against their old corrupt government. This is an amazing thing. But the corrupt old man has had decades, and the wealth of his nation, to buy weapons and followers. […]