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Change in North Africa

Simple statement – the “Arab” world I do not really understand. Past friends from that world gave some insight, but I could not measure the endurance of oppressive regimes.

The present changes in the Arab world are amazing and inspiring. I know good people there are dying. I know the outcome is in doubt (there are always the wrong folk that seek power). But to make things better, you have to try. I had no clue this was in the character of the Arab folk. (“Arab” may be the wrong label, my failing.) To find substantial character in the Arab folk is wonderful. That so many folk chose action to move forward their nation, does, I believe, move the entire world to a better future.

Also I know – somewhat belated – that America served for centuries as inspiration to the rest of the world. Ironic that my country should be in a sort of dark ages, when great events are happening in unexpected places. (Or is this some sort of requirement in the larger span of history and society?) I believe America will come out of the present confusion. Events elsewhere may prove the trigger. The message is hope and inspiration. That the message should come from what seemed an unlikely place is amazing.

I know my government may make stupid choices in the near future. For that, as an American, I offer my apologies. Correcting a government that has gone astray is the work of decades, as you already know. Keep that in mind, please.

This is – I believe – an inflection point in history. That the Arab folk are advancing the entire human race, is amazing and encouraging. Almost as though hope is a token that must pass from one society to the next, and this time is the Arab world’s turn.