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Monthly Archives: February 2011

Change in North Africa


Simple statement – the “Arab” world I do not really understand. Past friends from that world gave some insight, but I could not measure the endurance of oppressive regimes. The present changes in the Arab world are amazing and inspiring. I know good people there are dying. I know the outcome is in doubt (there […]

What is an efficient “Free Market”?


The “Free Market” meme is very popular. The usual definition is a market without government intervention, and somehow efficient. From where does this notion come? One gift to European-derived societies, earned in the “Dark Ages”, is the notion that society and government are separate, and that society can exist without government (where we associate “government” […]

That’s not correct (on economics)


Seems the folk that write about economics are largely idiots. OK … maybe that is a bit strong, but with so many examples like this, it is hard to come to any other conclusion. The shift in income shares since the 1970s — from the middle and bottom to the top, as well as from […]

The end of the world … and we do not care.


The IPv4 address space is officially exhausted … and we should not care. Internet addresses depletion reflects wired world Take this as a distinction between engineers and … the real world. The number of network-addressable objects connected to the Internet is climbing dramatically. The IPv4 address space is limited to 2^32 (~4 billion) addresses. For […]

Example of certificate creation with OpenSSL


If you need to create certificates for a test setup, the online examples and O’Reilly OpenSSL book examples – while instructive – seem rather awkward and obscure. The fault lies with OpenSSL (otherwise a great piece of software) and the mash of parameters between the configuration file, the command line, and interactive entry. The mash […]