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Monthly Archives: July 2010

Strict mode for Javascript


A small item… Javascript is a hash (pun not entirely intended). There are good parts to Javascript, and bad parts. For folk attempting to learn Javascript for the first time, they could use some help avoiding the icky bits. My first cut at rules for a “strict” mode for Javascript: No use of “function name(){}” […]

Perfect Pineapple Pizza


Bit of nonsense…. Have experimented occasionally but steadily on how to make really good pizza. I do not have a massive coal-fired brick oven, so I have to make do with a slightly fancy counter-top oven. Note also that I am allergic to tomato, onion, and garlic – so the most common recipes are not […]

Vodka and Lime


Random bit… The cover of “Hazy Shade of Winter” by the Bangles is one rare instance where the copy surpasses the original. The original is great. The cover by the Bangles is better. (Even minus the “babe” factor.) My only wish is for a longer version.

VirtualBox as free software


File this under “Missing the Obvious”. I bought VMware Workstation several years back. Used virtual machines quite a lot in developing and testing software. The company I work for licensed the enterprise version of VMware, at least in part due to developer experience using VMware. A few of the VMs currently hosted under the enterprise […]

Odds and ends in testing with Active Directory


Of late, I have needed to test against Microsoft’s Active Directory – so I setup a virtual machine hosting Windows 2003 Server and configured as a domain controller. The domain controller is connected to small number of machines (also VMs) on a private network – pretty much what you would expect for a tightly controlled […]