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Monthly Archives: April 2010

Stepped on someone’s gravy train?


About five years back I wrote an article with my colorful speculations about a locally advertised business – Model Quality Introductions. To my slight annoyance, that one article is consistently popular. I was strongly tempted to delete the article, as I was not comfortable with slightly tawdry speculations as the motivation for folk to visit […]

Odd … how is this spam?


Attempted to comment on Gosling’s post. Not that you likely have any shortage of suggestions – but if in your shoes I would take a close look at the zoo that includes RepRap, CupcakeCNC, and a host of related devices. Feels very much like the experimentation with small microprocessor-based computers of the late 1970′s. Maker’s […]

Rude tax-time gift from past Republicans


Having just done my taxes (oh so early), thought I should note one really nasty zinger left behind from the Bush years, and the supposedly tax-adverse Republican Congress. When one of your dependents hits 17 years old, they no longer count as an exemption at tax time. Best name I can think of for this […]

Less noise


After a good long trial, I went through and deleted a bunch of “social” accounts. Found my time and attention taken, to no significant end. I tend to go through this exercise, regularly. Listen to lots of things for a while, then prune heavily. Time to prune. Twitter never really made sense. Too much idle […]