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Monthly Archives: January 2010

Multiplexed FastCGI connections?


Does anyone use FastCGI with FCGI_MPXS_CONNS set to “1″ (for multiplexed connections)? Most FastCGI backends seems to be written for non-multiplexed connections. (Much simpler, so understandable.) The IIS FastCGI connector apparently does not support multiplexed connections. Writing a FastCGI backend that allows for multiplexed connections. Would be a waste of time if not supported by […]

Giving up HTML@W3C


Got the “status as Invited Expert in HTML Working Group” email. This I will let expire. Spent my time tilting at windmills, and do not see any point in continuing. The HTML Working Group at W3C is … far too much noise. The HTML5 “standard” is going to be a bloated monster, and there is […]

Efficient UTF-8 recoding and secure processing


An attempt to make a point… The use of UTF-8 on the web is common and increasing. Lots of data comes in as UTF-8, and inefficiency in UTF-8 data handling is going to have pretty pervasive impact. On the flip side, the creators of UTF-8 did a good job. There is nothing really complicated about […]

UTF8/UCS conversion benchmark


Point of reference… UCS (Unicode) to UTF8 conversion, and the reverse, when efficiently coded in C++ clocks in well above 100MB/s on current generation CPUs. If you are getting something much less – enough to be a problem – then there are questions you should ask. The following run spans 1 to 6 byte UTF8 […]

Musing about cumulative impact


About 15 years back I was working on a C++ GUI application with a cyclic workload and a lot of string manipulation. For both performance and reliability I came up with a lightweight string class that did allocations off a free list. The class benchmarked well, and performed very well in practice. About 10 years […]