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Monthly Archives: December 2009

… status as Invited Expert in HTML Working Group


At one time I had hoped there was a small chance I might be able to nudge the HTML working group in a constructive direction. Over time, what I found is that there are a small number of individuals that are able to invest an inordinate amount of time to this same working group, and […]

Almost but not quite … server-side JavaScript


Bit over three years back I looked at server-side Javascript, and was not enthused with the available choices. Three distinct usages I’d like to cover: optimal performance,Windows web server (IIS) interoperable, and webhosting. In addition, there are three interesting aspects of optimal performance: throughput, scalability, and stability. For serving static content, I really like the […]

Wireless network and Linux


A signpost of sort – wireless network support on Linux, at least for the Intel 4965AGN adaptor – sucks. Went with the Intel adaptor when I ordered this notebook, in part as Intel seems to be actively supporting the development of Linux drivers. In practice, my laptop wireless connection is mostly unreliable, and often near-useless. […]

Trie in Java – revisited


An earlier attempt at writing a fast general purpose Trie in Java gave huge memory use, and disappointing results. Seems a Trie implementation that is both fast and general purpose is not possible. (Translation: For most use a Trie cannot replace a hash table.) After the prior results, I wanted to see if a less […]