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Monthly Archives: June 2009

Why so much from Nigeria?


On a related note, why are all scammers in Nigeria? Has anyone received the scam emails from ANY other country? I'm frankly dissapointed with the criminals in other countries. Where are they and why aren't they trying to scam us too? via Consumerist – It’s Now Completely Impossible To Sell A Laptop On Ebay – […]

Tigers of Granularity


Several months back, I wrote up a speculation about the granularity of what we call “reality”. Since then I have tended notice more those instances of a perceptual gap – where my mental record departs from the smoothly deductive model of reality. (An odd trap, when deductions – of a sort – lead to speculation […]

Subversion, CVS, and tags


In the process of converting a group of programmers to Subversion, I ran across a surprisingly awkward bit. As a regular practice, before generating a build to go to customers, I always carefully review all the changes to the program sources since the last customer release. Using CVS the command line is simple (run from […]

What makes for “Global Competitiveness”?


Top Countries in Global Competitiveness: article, slideshow An observation – a number of the small countries with outsize rankings are noted as having high taxes. So high taxes need not harm – and when the tax revenues are used effectively, may benefit – competitiveness (at least as measured by this group). On a more speculative […]