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Monthly Archives: April 2009

I am not a Scientist


What is a Scientist? I have a clear notion. There are two parts. The first part is a pattern of thought. The second is depth of training in a particular area of expertise. My college degree is in Physics, but only a four-year degree. In Physics a four-year degree is only a fraction of the […]

kitchen tips


If you have no idea (like me) what size KitchenAid mixer is sufficient, and what size is excessive – I can tell you with certainty that a 300 watt mixer will struggle with a kilogram of wheat flour in pizza dough. I can also tell you that there is something on the underside of the […]

Maybe Bill Gates was smarter than I thought?


My second job out of college was at Burroughs – then the second largest computer company in the world, and still growing strongly. Interviewing at Burroughs was fun! I went in at about 9am, and did not emerge until 8pm. In between I got to talk to smart people in many different areas. Later I […]

Sun and IBM


I find perplexing the gap between the performance record of Sun Microsystems, and the published perceptions of professional journalists. Professional journalists and the stock markets seem to have a low opinion of Sun, and I find this … well … stupid. Sun started out as a scrappy little company that built kick-ass hardware and software. […]

Matrix Revisited


xkcd – A Webcomic – Matrix Revisited The first Matrix movie was great. The next two – not so much. Watching the first Matrix movie – at about midnight, and at the point in the movie where my suspension-of-belief was greatest, all the lights went out in the theater. Walked out of the theater, and […]

Where does “capital” come from?


A question for which I do not have an answer…. Where does “capital” come from? Or more precisely – by portion, and in the present day, where does “capital” come from? Is the bulk of capital currently hunting for a place to invest, from: Baby-boomers saving for retirement. Trust fund kiddies – or more exactly […]

My Brain is Full


I was never a big fan of the “Farside” cartoons, but there is one I remember: CATV Of late, this applies to me too often. My reading list of good sources, in addition to my stack of books to be read, is both of good quality and a bit overwhelming (at times).