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Monthly Archives: March 2009

Lifelong learners


A conversation with Andrew Rasiej about activating student sysadmins, rebooting America, and designing for abundance « Jon Udell 2. Be a lifelong learner. And to the extent you can, prefer to work with other lifelong learners. There’s a bit of a conundrum here, because lifelong learners arguably are a resource that really is scarce. I’m […]

Rationalization needed…


I am sorting through the old computer hardware that was collecting dust in the corner of my study. Used to be, hardware would die before it became obsolete. This made it easy to rationalize the purchase of new hardware. Several years back I hooked up a UPS between line power and each of my computers. […]

Windows 2008 Server


In testing a new software release, reached the point where testing against Windows 2008 Server is now a reasonable requirement. Until now, I’d not had any reason to try out Win2008 Server. Since the (upcoming) 2008 R2 is going to be 64-bit only, created a 64-bit VM (under Sun’s VirtualBox). Note that the default VM […]

Recovery whiplash?


While I do not pretend to be any sort of “financial wizard” (right – look where those folk got us), there is I think a single common cause driving our economic roller-coaster. The single cause is a flood of capital, accumulating at a compounded rate. Capital flooded the “developed” countries, overflowed, and was enough to […]



What do you hate? No. I do not mean dislike. I mean really hate. To me, hate seems to require a deeper emotion. I do not like rotten bananas. They are a bit disgusting. I throw them away. But dislike is something much less than hate. I do not hate rotten bananas. My son asked […]

Apple NetBook? Or not.


There are rumors that Apple might soon introduce something like a NetBook. The entire substance of the rumor appears to be a manufacturer supplying 10-inch touch-screens for a future Apple product. A netbook? From Apple? Sounds a bit too “me too”. Seems unlikely. NetBooks are kind of a dubious product category. Running the usual desktop/laptop […]

My sister and spam


My personal email address is and is posted in public in many places. As a result, a lot of spam gets sent my way. (I do not believe in hiding.) Of all that very little gets through to my inbox. My email setup is a little different. All the email sent to goes […]

Class nightmares


xkcd – A Webcomic – Students Yep – still have those dreams.