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Monthly Archives: January 2009

Scripting inspired by Monad – for Unix


Scripting on Windows has always been pretty lame compared to Unix. The usual command.exe or cmd.exe shells on Windows are pretty pathetic compared to the Bourne Shell (which was released back in 1977!). Lacking a good shell, and with a population of GUI developers less familiar with the command line, Microsoft never really got a […]

Fun baby factory


Octuplets’ mother already has twins, four other children The woman who gave birth to octuplets this week already has six young children and never expected that the fertility treatment she received would result in eight more babies, her mother said Thursday. The woman, who has not been publicly identified, had embryos implanted last year, and […]



A small proposal – the Atom Publishing Protocol should be named and referred to as “RSS-Atom”. Why? Because when you subscribe to a feed from a website, you are often offered a list of choices. RSS-0.92 RSS-2.0 Atom This is bad user interface design. The end user – who has no deep notion of what […]

Sam Ruby: Contributions Welcome


Sam Ruby: Contributions Welcome. Yep. I think Sam in the HTML5 working group is a very good thing.

Malfunctioning mindset – the HTML5 working group


For the record, I think that making Sam Ruby a chair of the HTML5 working group is a good sign, in a dismal process. Credit Sam with pointing out bits that are just wrong. The DOCTYPE section is a good/bad example. A DOCTYPE is a mostly useless, but required, header. DOCTYPEs are required for legacy […]

Vacation 2008.12


Final scores… Twice 850-odd miles driving, not counting side trips. The trip out was nice. Two kids who slept most of the trip, both ways. Three days my father spent skiing in Telluride with my 2 kids, and one sister. My father has since recovered. One day of falling snow, around dawn, on the drive […]

Oops? Tripping over a math problem.


Just finished reading Variable Star, a book written by Spider Robinson from a partial story outline found recently in Robert Heinlein’s papers. Have to admit to a bit of confusion here. Both Heinlein and Robinson are among my favorite authors, but I would never have tagged Robinson as “the new Heinlein”. (Then again, my interest […]