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Monthly Archives: November 2008

Microsoft Office Project Server


Some folks at my employer have chosen to deploy Microsoft Office Project Server. I have used Microsoft Project, on and (mostly) off over a couple decades. Each time I’ve come back to using Microsoft Project, the experience is less than satisfactory. I seem to detect an anti-pattern. Those folks that are hopelessly invested in the […]

Taxpayer-funded bus service in Orange County


Supervisor Pat Bates’ Fifth District Report. OCTA Proposed Fare Adjustments Due to rising costs and a decline in revenue, the Orange County Transportation Authority (OCTA) Board of Directors will consider a proposal to increase fare amounts at its November 24th meeting. Since fares were last increased in 2005, fuel costs have soared 185 percent, employee […]

Hosting a polling place in Orange County, California


Frankly I am annoyed at reading yet-another article about the “long lines” on election day. Checked Google – search on “polling” and “long lines” and I get 762,000 matches. Is this a sign of careless reporting, or an intentional lie? There are polling places with long lines. Polling places are run by volunteers (of which […]

Got my election supplies, and a few surprises


Went to pick up my election supplies on Saturday morning (as usual). Got two(!) controllers, and two(!) supply boxes. Hauled in the (heavy!) supply box with a measure of dread. The supply box contains the rosters used to process each incoming voter. One election they gave me two different “precinct” lists, so each voter’s name […]