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Monthly Archives: September 2008

Paper size and user interface design


In a prior post I tried to make clear why today’s common idioms in user interface design are horribly inefficient on today’s screen sizes. Thinking about this a bit later, I realized there is something I did not mention – the single common basis for why the old trade-offs once made sense, are now complete […]

Covering a use-case for many screens


At 45 the eye doctor told me that my vision was going to get worse with age. Nothing unusual there, as a perfectly normal part of aging, the eye gets less flexible, and range of focus gets narrower. He was right, as a few years later I needed bifocals to comfortably focus on the screen […]

Google’s Chrome: Bet your enterprise on it


Have to credit an article for a bit of insight – though at all not what the author intended. There is an aspect I had previously missed. The Google Chrome web browser is an excellent platform for company intranet applications. Lots of companies have internally-used applications. Lots of developer-hours went into those applications, and some […]

Design for standard screen sizes


An observation that should be obvious – the universe of common screen sizes has changed. When you design a graphical user interface (GUI), you want make your design optimal for current and near-future screen sizes. You want your design to be at least passable on less common smaller screen sizes. Over time the range changed: […]