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Monthly Archives: July 2008

Presidential candidates at the local mega-church


This is so very odd. Both presidential candidates are doing to appear, on the same day, at the same place, for the first time, within walking distance of my house. Saddleback Civil Forum This historic forum will be the only joint event for the two, and the last public appearance for either candidate prior to […]

Today’s surprise – applet reload does not sandbox


In retrospect I should not have been surprised – in either case. Load an applet into Internet Explorer (version 7 in this case). Hit “refresh” on the page from which the applet was loaded. Some classes used by the applet have static initializers. Some of the static initializers start threads. The threads are part of […]

Linus is a bit of a jerk


… from a somewhat emotional discussion … C++ is a horrible language. It’s made more horrible by the fact that a lot of substandard programmers use it, to the point where it’s much much easier to generate total and utter crap with it. Quite frankly, even if the choice of C were to do *nothing* […]

Swing, Java, and old notions not yet met


Of late I find myself in rather a strange place. What I work on pretty much follows whatever my present employer currently needs. I’ve done pretty much everything – from device drivers to fancy web applications – and by this time have touched pretty much every major genre in programming. My starting interest in software […]

Looking for a good breakfast, found another Sysco restaurant instead.


There is something odd going on in restaurant and fast food business. Lots of places opening well-funded, with fancy decor and not very much skill in the kitchen. As though there is a lot of money looking for a place to invest, and not enough skilled help to make the investment work. This morning I […]