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Monthly Archives: May 2008



Tuned out from HTML@W3C working group for a few months. (I was very busy at work, and participation in the working group is entirely a free time activity.) Ran across this long and apparently continuing argument that seems to boil down to whether <img> tags should be required to have an alt attribute to be […]

Is IIS still (as) relevant?


My preference for the server-side of web applications is Java (or Javascript in the JVM). In the past that meant I needed to allow for running a Java web server (like Tomcat or Jetty) behind IIS. For many applications it made sense for IIS to be the front-end web server. Most desktops were (and are) […]

Not so much (electromagnetic) noise?


Do not know what to make of this… My car has one of those common remote lock gizmos – no more than a little radio transmitter that sends a weak coded signal. Around here (densely populated southern California) the range is only about 20-40 feet (at most). Given all the other electronic gadgets in this […]