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Monthly Archives: March 2008

One guy’s take on the iPhone user interface


Rather a nice video on this guy’s page showing the iPhone interface, and offering some praise and some critique. As to the user interface overhead added – what he calls “administrative debris” – I completely agree. On desktop GUIs the usual/unquestioned overhead includes titlebars, menubars, and scrollbars – all of which take large meaningless amounts […]

Convert at the edges


My time writing software spans from 16-bit DOS and Windows, through 32-bit Windows and Unix. I have written a fair amount of code or ported code to run in different environments. Along the way I picked up practices that proved useful. One practice I call: “Convert at the edges”. A data structure may have a […]

Not cool enough


As my kids could easily tell you, I am just not cool enough. What appeared on Facebook the last time I logged in: Got a Tattoo in January. Age 45. What’s poker online spielen texaswww poker gamegratis poker ohne anmeldungpoker spielen ohne registrierungpoker bonus code no depositpoker game deutschpoker texas holdem kartenpoker kostenlos online spielendraw […]

A pleasant surprise


Last week I had an intermittent problem with my Internet connection. Rather more trouble than usual, in that the internet connection would degrade, become unusable, and then start working again – with no discernible pattern. Cox (the cable company) sent out a guy, who re-did all the coax cable connectors, and then replaced the cable […]