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Monthly Archives: February 2008

Good design, and connecting the dots


Four recent articles in Business Week that – to my mind – all circle around a common topic. The article Motorola: Left to Its Own Devices describes Motorola’s declining fortunes, largely because customers do not particularly like their cell phones. I own a Motorola Razr and consider their fate well-earned. In the article Sprint’s Wake-Up […]

Good places to eat on the I-70 in Utah


Just for the record … If you are travelling on the I-70 in Utah there are two eating places I know of that are worth a stop. One is the Subway in Richfield, Utah (Subway Sandwiches, 1325 N Main, Richfield UT 84701, (435) 896-8627). Yes, Subway is a chain with thousands of locations, and there […]

White box programming


Inherited some code from a younger developer. Not real thrilled with the code, so went about cleaning up. This is the client side of a client/server application. Given this is at least my sixth iteration with a client/server application, the bits done badly are pretty obvious. From the general mash factored out much of the […]

Fun with IIS 5.1 on Windows XP


Or not. Wasted at least a day tracking this down. It started with trying to run a PHP page and getting an error: winsock.dll unusable. 1009 Clear as mud. Lots of red herrings: FastCGI versus CGI, differing PHP versions, directory permissions, metabase script maps, something not quite right in the application install. Was not any […]

The Republicans are in deep trouble!


Once again I am hosting the local polling place. This my precinct tends to be deeply conservative. There are lots of Republicans and very few Democrats. In some elections the Republican candidate lost out (locally) to a third party candidate, but rarely to a Democrat. Perhaps “conservative” is the wrong label. Might be that “libertarian” […]