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Monthly Archives: January 2008



There is once again talk about versioned web pages. Unfortunately there is also the same continuing confusion between theory and reality. A List Apart: Articles: Beyond DOCTYPE: Web Standards, Forward Compatibility, and IE8 The DOCTYPE switch is broken Back in 1998, Todd Fahrner came up with a toggle that would allow a browser to offer […]

Point of view



Cache Valley Cheese


If you happen to be driving down Interstate 15 a ways north of Cedar City, Utah – you might see the sign for Cache Valley Cheese. On the last trip curiosity won and I pulled off in Beaver, Utah to – I hoped – snag some really good cheese. (Heck, they advertise on Man online […]

This is still bugging me…


Follow this story. Sun introduces the T2 with many CPUs on one chip – an impressive and appropriate work of technology. Tim Bray visits the question of how to make use of many CPUs for generic tasks, and poses the Wide Finder as an example task. Readers create a variety of interesting solutions over the […]