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Monthly Archives: December 2007

Why IE8 needs HTML 4.02


The announcement that the code for IE8 now passes the Acid2 test is a very big deal. We have a strong indication that Internet Explorer 8.0 will offer far stronger support for web standards than prior versions of IE, and perhaps even better compliance that competing browsers. The folk at Microsoft on the Internet Explorer […]

In future…


No matter how much you like the wild Santa Ana winds, leaving any windows open is not a good idea. Especially when wildfire swept through the hills around your home a few months back. The next day I found a layer of gritty black powder on every horizontal surface. Lots of cleaning followed …

From my daughter’s last soccer game


My daughter was goalie for the first half of the game. This shot was coming in high, fast and centered on the goal – too high catch or block, but low enough to go in. Looked like a certain goal. Last season the grandfather of one of the girls on the team was a professional(?) […]