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Monthly Archives: August 2007

Where The Wild Things Are


AVP dancers in the sand on Flickr – Photo Sharing!

Not the definition of “lean”


Downloaded the current version of Ant. Checked the script used to launch Ant – and found the script run every time I type ‘ant’ at command line is 326 lines long! Right. Here is the entire script I need to run Ant (on Linux). ANT_HOME=”/home/preston/tools/apache-ant-1.7.0″ java -classpath “$ANT_HOME/lib/ant-launcher.jar” $* That is all. If I […]

User centered social networks


Social networking sites generally try to keep users trapped within a walled ghetto. Users are an asset. Sites do what they can to avoid sharing their user information. Sites often try to limit links out to other competing sites. This is in direct conflict with users needs. Most ordinary folk are naturally members of many […]

Tanzanian Tech Support


Philip Greenspun’s Weblog » Tanzanian Tech Support When checking into the fairly upscale Hotel Seacliff here in Dar es Salaam, I asked the reception clerk if there was an adaptor in the room for a U.S. power plug. He seemed confused, so I pulled out a cell phone charger to illustrate. He had been chatting […]

Bad date


Sash Suicide, originally uploaded by Liquid Science.

Security flaws, e-voting, and reform


Let us get a couple things clear to start. First, the older paper-based voting process is insecure, and always has been. The security of the process relied on trustworthy people in the polling place, and upstream where the votes were collected and counted. Most of the time this works, but abuses do occur. Second, adding […]

Java’s Fear of Commitment


People Over Process » Java’s Fear of Commitment Java is a general purpose, object oriented programming language. It’s roots in early 90’s object oriented theory, more importantly, the desires and goals of that theory can’t be overlooked when asking why Java is the way it is. The culture of Java design is to push out […]