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Monthly Archives: June 2007

Must be upgrade time…


For rather a while I have not felt especially motivated to update my computers. Even my old Athlon 2200+ laptop is adequate for almost everything I do. With Eclipse, VMware, Tomcat, and Firefox running – I tend to want more memory rather than more CPU. Until today. Wanted to record a video of a short […]



Does it bug anyone else when a Google search returns a hit for a site like “readablog” before the hit for your original article? Clearly they have figured out how to game the search engines (or Google at least). Clearly their aim is to sell advertising (as “view source” shows) using weblogs as “free” content. […]

50-year-old car unburied


Tulsa World This car was buried the same year – and not far from – where and when I was born. In this field that makes me ancient (something my teenagers will confirm).

Caught in the DreamHost(?) security breach


Seems my account is caught in the DreamHost security breach. Checked my pages (via “View Source” in the browser) after the first announcement from DreamHost, did not see any junk, and let things alone. Since DreamHost claimed to be notifying customers whose accounts were compromised, and I had seen nothing from DreamHost (and still have […]

Mapping components – Javascript


Accessing components in the DOM from Javascript using getElementById() is tedious, somewhat verbose, and does nothing to enhance the readability of the code. Generally there are two cases: finding global elements within the page, and finding members within (possibly repeated) components. There are (of course) many ways to do this, but what I have settled […]

Auto-adjusting sizer – Javascript


Took a couple years to get reasonably fluent at HTML/CSS/Javascript, and pick out what seems a decent programming model. Reached the point where most of the public examples of Javascript usage (in particular) look to me as very poorly written. Still it seems like every time I turn out another example, I find another useful […]

Safari on Windows!


Generally I test web applications on Firefox (Windows, Linux) and IE (Windows). On (rare) occasion, I have tested on Opera, but … it is hard to care about Opera. My one regret is that up until now I have not been able to test with Safari. Personally, I would like to know the things I […]

Storing data within a web page – Javascript


An approach or two to storing data within a web page. Something like “microformats”, only not. First approach, embed JSON data within an updatable SCRIPT tag, with a test page. Works in Firefox, but in IE when updating the tag containing the data, the script is executed (which is arguably right – if inconvenient in […]