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Monthly Archives: April 2007

More reliable voting


Text about Rush Holt’s Voter Confidence and Increased Accessibility Act via CATO, which serves as a reminder that lawyers and politicians should not be allowed to design algorithms (or do math). How to Reform E-Voting It bans the use of computerized voting machines that lack a voter-verified paper trail. It mandates that the paper records […]

Getting the issues with “e-voting” completely wrong


There are problems with “voting machines” as used now, but the problems can be solved. This article from CATO paints entirely the wrong picture. The Case Against E-Voting Ars Technica has an article about problems created by e-voting machines in the French elections on Sunday. Apparently, technical problems caused long lines, causing some voters to […]

Either a comedy or a tragedy


This is a bad joke, in more than one sense. The folk that founded this country were pretty smart, but by no means all-knowing. I have tremendous respect for the thought that went into the founding of this country. Seems somehow between founding and the present day, something fairly fundamental has gone wrong. Perhaps in […]

Spreadsheets and Javascript


Another obvious observation… I’m in the middle of exercise the aim of which is expression of an OLAP hypercube into a web page, using HTML/CSS/Javascript (no applets, or Flash, or …). The presentation is very much like a spreadsheet, but the data and UI manipulation models are very different. Add to this the fact that […]

Point of view and W3C HTML


There is a W3C group working on the next standard for HTML. In tracking the current discussion, things started to make more sense when the roles and points of view of some participants became clear (or at least clearer). Seems only fair (and perhaps necessary) to make my own motivations clear. I am a software […]

On Selling Music


ongoing · On Selling Music Finally, I remain astonished that the subscription model hasn’t caught on; it seems like awfully low-hanging fruit. There are any number of artists I’d subscribe to for ten or twenty bucks a year in exchange for an irregular flow of new material; live cuts, studio work, collaborations, whatsoever, along with […]

Yet another JSON implementation – Javascript


Picked up the JSON string to/from object implementation from a year or so back (which I see has since changed). Did not care for the pollution of the stock classes with toJSONString() methods (don’t care much for the method name either), so implemented the same function as methods scoped within a global JSON namespace: […]