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Monthly Archives: February 2007

Why buy new server versions of Windows?


Just as businesses are starting to discover the benefits of virtualization, Microsoft is changing the license terms for new versions of Windows. VMTN Blog The goal from Microsoft seems to be to slow down the market and downplay features they can’t match, so that they have a chance to catch up. In fact this is […]

Structured documents, DITA, DocBook, and Wikis


Dived into reading about DocBook and DITA this week. This all started with my long-standing annoyance with MS Word (or OpenOffice at present) when editing documents with structure. Back in the early 1990′s, I was at a small outfit writing both software and documentation. The documentation was somewhat long (hundreds of pages), and illustrated well […]

OpenID is a big win


So if you are a developer the notion of single sign-on via OpenID sounds like a good idea, but since it lacks authentication, you might not be entirely convinced. Well, this story is going to sound familiar. I wanted to check my plan with Verizon. Not sure how many minutes I have every month, mostly […]

“Groundswell” means what?


Admittedly I am no expert on paid political organizations, but I have to wonder: What is their motivation? Lately the CATO folk(s) are writing about differing tax rates for corporations and wealthy individuals, as though there was some sort of competition between counties. Maybe there is – but I tend to suspect this equation has […]

Frustrated with WYSIWYG document editors


Much recent time has gone to writing design documents (fun). As usual, this is sucking up more time than I would like, in part because I find the available tools so poorly suited. Lets set some requirements. (Oh goody, more requirements to write down…) Documents should be readable by anyone on the distribution list – […]

Introducing RDFa – or re-implementing Lisp, kinda


Another almost-reinventing-Lisp in Introducing RDFa, just messier. You could represent HTML as a simple Lisp expressions – for example: <a href=”http://some/where” onclick=”foo()”>some content</a> maps simply to the equivalent: (a ((href “http://some/where”) (onclick (foo))) “some content”) You can then view the web browser as a sort of specialized interpreter with built-in default behaviors for ‘a’ […]

Benchmarking and FastCGI


An interesting, but not especially useful benchmark. Quick Django Benching :: Today I did an unscientific benchmark to see which was quickest between Apache’s mod_python, Lighttpd’s FastCGI and Nginx’s FastCGI. The Django application was a basic “Hello world” application that used one variable in one template. All of the web server configurations were stripped […]

microformats revisited


Microformats as generally described – a small chunk of data embedded in an HTML in one of a small number of recognizable formats – makes a lot of sense to me. Yesterday I actually visited the microformats website, read the details of the current proposal … and found myself uncomfortable with the proposed implementation. Using […]